21 November 2015 – 16 January 2016

Formes Absents

Venue: Projecte SD | www.projectesd.com

Presences and morphologies delineate a territory noted for action. Something that might happen or traces of what once existed stand as an absent architecture in the space of ProjecteSD where Patricia Dauder establishes a dual landscape, fictionalizes reality and at the same time constructs from natural forms, a symbolic environment loaded of references.

Formes Absents (Absent Forms)  proposes a way of understanding space through the display and position of objects and images into designated areas in the gallery room.

Her work, essentially abstract and procedural, presents records, discolorations, marks and layers that compose, accumulate and constitute a new body. Ephemeral or organic elements work as a travel log or record of an action in which the artist demonstrates the passage of time through the material exposed to a biological and at times, chemical process.

Dauder represents in these new works, the reality that surrounds us, and yet impossible for us to perceive. Through her sculptures, drawings and textile works, she manages to capture the sequential with a taxonomic look. In these, she seems to question the empiricism of the first naturalists and collects essentially constitutive marks of the fieldwork methodology to oppose concepts such as empty and full, recto  and verso, form and content, negative and positive. Nature itself has “drawn” some of the images and modelled a few forms, which the artist subsequently integrates into the artistic process. The exhibition then presents a dialogue between what is absent, but can be guessed or imagined by the shape and material, and comprises a collection of pieces that create multiple associations and landscape iconographies that build a new context of visual interpretation.*

*Extracted from the gallery’s press release