17 October 2015 – 24 January 2016


Venue: MARCO, Vigo | www.marcovigo.com

In Patricia Dauder’s work, form, matter and structure constitute the means through which she perceives, interprets and projects ideas and sensations about the passage of time and the idea of space. In long and complex working processes, usually carried out in her studio, the artist recreates morphologies and implements abrasive wear processes to objects and images, that recall certain natural and physiological phenomena. Over the last year, her interest in transferring some of these processes from her studio to outdoor spaces -specifically semi-urban areas-  resulted in Groundworks, a project which she developed on an abandoned building site in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).

Dauder undertook a series of excavations, in order to research on the transformation and erosion that affect matter when buried for a period of time. Recinto brings together some of the results of this field research and displays them in the form of an installation. In addition to the experimental nature of the field research on the site, the project generated a series of drawings, photographs and sculptures that are displayed on the gallery walls and floor. Dauder deals here with the ideas of traces, erosion and fragmentation— the idea of how to create new compositions and meanings based on a certain symbolism.

Recinto won the DKV/MARCO Production Grant, a competition run jointly by the insurance company and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vigo.*

*Extracted from the museum’s press release