4 – 19 June 2016


Venue: Edifici Issac Peral | www.loop-barcelona.com

Sketches is an installation formed by drawings, a sculpture and a slideshow featuring the latest work of Patricia Dauder, created in the framework of 2016 LOOP Festival Exhibitions Programme.

The driving force behind Patricia Dauder’s work is found at a certain point, indeterminate yet striking, between her perception of reality and her conceptualisation of that same reality. This indetermination is not the result of chance, but of demanding, painstaking work, listening to and representing intuition. It is thanks to this careful, deep, slow, hesitant approach that she can produce ensembles as well-rounded as they are evocative, created through free association in drawing, sculpture and film.

In 2015, the artist launched a new line in her work, focusing on a dialogue with the outer world. In the interior of the old Godó i Trias cotton factory workers’ village in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, she began a project of burying studio materials and objects, which then underwent transformations generated by time and nature. Many of the works in the exhibition Sketches are the product of artistic and conceptual ideas that emerged whilst she was conducting her eldwork in L’Hospitalet.

In Sketches, together with two drawings, a photograph and a sculpture, Patricia Dauder presents a new slideshow, entitled In&Out. This piece features a compilation of photographs that the artist has taken since the mid 1990s as well as shots from her personal archive and images of her journeys and work. A sequence of opposing realities, between interior spaces (domestic scenes or views of her own studio) and external environments (beaches, houses, abandoned lots) along with sculptural objects captured at different points in the work process, caught at random, at acute perceptive stages close to revelation. .*

*Extracted from the exhibition’s press release