41º 08’ 56.66” N /
08º 36’ 43.60” W

The artist book was conceived in relation to the work with the same title, 41°08’ 56.66” N / 08° 36’ 43.60” W, produced for the occasion of the exhibition The Second Image presented at Museu Serralves, Porto, Portugal, in 2012. The work, an original drawing, graphite on paper in twelve parts, subsequently transferred to an offset print measuring 98 x 820 cm, covered one of the museum’s wall. The publication was created with the idea to transform the large wall drawing into a book, thus breaking its pictorial representation. By cutting the print in half, establishing a random non-successive order out the 24 remaining parts, and folding them to form a 100 pages publication, the image becomes a mere discontinued interplay of light and shades.

34,1 x 49 cm. 100 pp.
Ed. 30. Signed and numbered
CRU035. Edited by CRU. Designed by Alex Gifreu