41°08’ 56.66” N / 08° 36’ 43.60” W #2, 2013

Graphite on paper
12 parts. 100,5 x 70,5 cm each
Overall dimension: 100,5 x 890 cm

41°08’ 56.66” N/ 08° 36’ 43.60” W #2 is a drawing, graphite on paper, in twelve parts where a white fragmented line seems to be depicted. The work was initiated during a residency in Porto, Portugal and responds to a series of walkings along the river Douro. Its title refers to the coordinates of a place, a latitude and a longitude, and in this sense refers to the notion of cartography. The definition of the title and the reference to a specific site contrasts with the abstract quality of the work. The experience of viewing it is that of ambivalence between a certain pictorial representation, evoking an unidentifiable landscape, a path or a journey and the mere presence of an interplay between black and white areas, between negative and positive. The image was produced in a rather slow process consisting of covering the whole area of the twelve papers with graphite and subsequently erasing parts of it to let emerge the clear areas, emulating somehow a track among the overall darkness or an invisible interface between water and land.