Abstract Film#2, 2005

Super 8 film transferred to DVD. Color. No Sound
1 min. 45 sec. Ed. 3 +1 A.P.

Around 2004 I started to feel the need to register in film the changes occurring in a drawing in the process of its making and to see reduced to a small fraction of time, what had really happened on a longer period. To carry out this project I purchased a Super8 camera to shoot whatever I was drawing. A year after, my first two films were finished: Abstract Film #1 and Abstract Film #2.

Abstract Film #2 presents the different phases a single drawing undergoes.

With this film I explored for the first time the visual properties of the cinematic media, the appearance and disappearance of forms and the psycho-associative connections of the different morphologies appearing in the drawing (some more abstract, others more referential), while confronting also for the first time the complex issue of montage.