Broken Wave Detachment, 2010

65 cm diameter

In 2001 and 2003 I produced a series of threedimensional objects with the purpose of transforming something inmaterial into material, trying to cast the empty content of different type of receptacles. I was primarily interested in invisible forms of space and in dual concepts like full-empty, interior-exterior, material-unmaterial. Due to the experimental nature of the process (process itself was of more importance than the final objects to me), the fragility of the materials employed and the passing of time, some of these items end up being torn to pieces that I stored in my studio.

In 2010 I got back to one of these fragmented works, originally a kind of pot made with plasticine, that had been reduced to several thin oval-shaped pieces, and decided to reproduce it on a bigger format that I later displayed floating in the air, conforming a semicircle. I called it Broken Wave Detachment.