Ecos, 2017

80 35mm slides projected on turning metal structure
180 x 50 x 25 cm

Ecos (Echoes), is a sequence of 80 black and white slides projected over a kinetic and chromatic structure used as projection screen. The installation reminds us of the early devices to show moving images such as the phenakistiscope or the magic lantern, that offered an intimate cinematographic experience. In Ecos, Patricia Dauder is interested in the traces of history and memory of the war in the city of Barcelona, her hometown, and presents a visual narration made from images that are related to the historical period of the Civil War, but which do not explicitly illustrate this event. Extracted from archives, newspapers, magazines and personal compilations, the selection of images invites us to recall this historical period using details and elements that refer to domestic life and the intimate sphere, and which offer a very personal vision on the impact of war.