Espai, 2017

10 x 240 x 160 cm

Espai, is a sculpture specifically made for the area of a small patio inside a bank headquarters building. Along similar style of previous works based on the idea of empty spaces and ground or underground constructions, Espai was conceived as an inversion of the typical three-dimensional object standing erect on the ground level: an oval form that is sunk into a rectangular frame, as a sort of pond, or simply a delimited space where our sight and thoughts can be deposited. A few multicolor clay forms encircle the oval sunk area as if they were fragments of a once complete entity, and in the peripheral centre a few small cavities, actually casts of missing volumes, underline the idea of trace and emptyness. The piece was made to be seen from a normal point of observation but also from a cenital angle so that the piece loses its three-dimensionality and becomes a mere plane with inscriptions, like a constellation map.