Floor, 2018

Woodplanks, charcoal and paper
190 x 250 cm

Floor is a rectangular area comprised of 90 basswood planks. The conception of this piece dates back to 2011, when during a stay in New York, the artist developed an interest for wooden vernacular architecture, suburban depressed areas and homeless living constructions in public spaces. In New York the artist adquired a considerable number of planks that she kept for years. In 2017, while immersed in the study of combustion and matter erosion for sculptural processes, she decided to reduce to the mininum the planks thickness to turn the consistency of timber into that of a fragile material like paper, burn them slightly, and arrange them marking out the area of a living enclosure, with a charred floor as its only manifestation, like an architecture reduced to a flat surface. The object becomes a personification of the wear and fragility of an hypothetical inhabitant.