Green Kauai, 2012

Cotton fabric dyed with bleach and sewn on canvas
206 x 149 cm

In 2011 a series of images based upon memories from places previously experienced or imagined about locations with a symbolic meaning in maritime and expeditions history, were initiated. Defined by an apparent overall abstraction and a scarce depiction, some of these images were obtained by color substraction, using bleach water on colored fabric, while others were drawings on paper. They were titled according to specific sites, such as Plymouth (town on Massachussets, known as the site of the colony founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims, passengers of the the Mayflower ship), Rockaway, (urban beach in Queens borough in New York City) or Kauai, (one of the islands of Hawaii archipelago). The images did not represent anything specific but more of a feeling, sensation, a projection about that place. A pure mental construction with no details. The color obtained by dyeing was an association of the color of the light, atmosphere, or vegetation seen or imagined. This sort of method of imagining a place prior to experiencing it is recurrent inthe artist’s and has been the modus operandi for previous works such as a group of drawings presented in an exhibition called Teahupoo (toponym of a beach in Tahiti), or in the 16mm film called Les Maliens (A Film).