Les Maliens (a film), 2007

Super16mm film transferred to DV-Cam Digital. Color. Sound
12 min. 49 sec. Ed. 5 + A.P.

Les Maliens (A Film) shows long steady shots of urban and rural landscapes of different locations of the african country, without following an specific fictional or documentary script, where the photographic image is crucial for the development of the film, both in its aesthetics as well as in its structure, as all sequences are independent and don´t follow a logical or temporary narrative. The film is done during a trip, adapting the traveller´s methodology of stopping, photographing that which gets his attention, and continuing his route. It shows and verifies the existence of a place in an undetermined moment and drives us to a detailed observation of the special features of that remote but real place. The great lanscape, the african city seen from an inside and outside position, remains of colonial architecture, poverty, the streets, the desert, man´s activity in these spaces, the air, the water and the earth. Lacking any depiction of concrete events, or time references, it reflects a distant, almost scientific, topographic approach to the subject, Les Maliens (A Film) shows and environment and a gaze both equally harsh and essential. With the purpose of placing myself in a remote place at the outskirts of any noticeable event, where all activitiy seems to happen at a different speed and temporary dimension, where basic man´s existence and survival is fully determined by nature, the camera captures fragments of this existence without interferring in what it has in front of it, just selecting the precise moment when nothing happens. Time in the film is not being represented by the development of actions, but by the passing of time itself, that place and that precise moment in time, which is later repeated endlessly during projection. The long-lasting actionless shots make us conscious of space but also of the passing of time and of film´s own timing. Les Maliens (A Film) takes us to a different space and temporary dimension ang brings us back to our own reality. Film is being used in a very essential manner, to depict light, matter and time, related to an interest for the world´s physiological appearance, for its natural and artificial structures, but also for a metaphysical point of view on thing´s permanence or mutability.