Les Maliens (a script), 2006

16mm film transferred to DVD. Color. No sound
3 min. 49 sec. Ed. of 3

Les Maliens (A Script) starts with the idea of making a film about Mali, to produce a visual journey after experiencing a new, different place. Thinking about it, studying the project, the way to approach it, elicited a mental construction. The idea became then to work out this mental construction, into a film. It consists of 62 drawings grouped in 20 connected sequences. These sequences do not build a narrative. They are drawings of atmospheres, fragments of natural elements, buildings, figures, night scenes, landscapes, aereal views. They are not story-board-like schematic drawings trying to break down a story with accuracy in a linear flow, nor representations of precise images. There are few elements on which to hinge a narrative, rather a loose, stream-of-consciousness series of images is presented. A series of images with no logical sequence, suggesting the imagined visions that could emerge from Mali. Les Maliens ( A Script) is thus a totally subjective, ficticious approach both in content (none of the images represented are based in any reality) and form (drawing) of a real place not experienced physically. The idealization of an existing territory but also an experimental exercise on the idea of shooting a film.