Migration #1, 2013

Cotton fabric dyed with bleach on canvas
135 x 250 cm

Migration #1 shows a series of small washed out cotton fabric pieces that have been succesively discolored with bleach water, spread onto a natural beige cotton fabric. These pieces are remains of a bigger piece of fabric which once constituted a work that I ended torning it apart. (Other previous works, Rockaway Destroyed #1 and Rockaway Destroyed #2 were also made out of the same fabric piece).

These remains were kept in a drawer and every now and then I took them out and displayed them on blank fabric pieces on the floor, making random compositions and looking at them for hours. I started thinking about the logics of composition or distribution of units in space, wether they were caused by chance or by a structured thought. Somehow I related the scattering of those fragments in space with the idea of human migration movements, the formation of island chains, or sunken vessels derelict.

Migration #1 was made with the idea of constructing a visual hypothesis of an entity whose identity cannot be revealed to us, due to the substantial loss of mass.

The title is also a metaphor of a working process, based on constructing entities out of debris from previous works.