Model #1, 2014

Plaster, clay, wood
150 x 240 x 17 cm

Model #1 is a three-dimensional approach to some kind of graphic diagrams that I did for a number of years which consisted in compositions of negative and positive spaces with scquared, rectangular, and circular forms. These compositions that eventually reminded of city plans, could not really be considered as such and responded to undetermined mental schemes. Transforming a bidimensional diagram to a three-dimensional structure brought to the forefront the question of wether the composition functions as a model or as a sculptural object. The work has definetely something of a model, but it doesn’t represent a formation that exists on a bigger scale. Its arrangement can be associated to an archaeological site or a funerary enclosure, but its neither a representation of any of them. It is precisely its undeterminacy that I’m more interested in.