Overlapping #6, 2009

Pencil on semitransparent polyester paper
267 x 200 cm

Overlapping#6 belongs to the series of Overlapping drawings that aim to a particular experience of perception and unstability of vision by drawing on several overlayered sheets of semitransparent paper. It is created by the layering on three different levels of twenty-four separate units of semi-transparent paper in black and white (pencil) and color (color pencil) tones. The drawing´s weave is made out of thousands of lines that define basic triangular and rectangular forms. The overlapping and disposition of the different layers, tones and shapes create a complex composition without a seamingly structural logic, with several planes and discontinuous angles within the same image. A grid underneath highlights a series of rectangular horizontal and vertical bands. On top, a central core with radial axes expanding excentrically and on the image borders, separated, two remarkable green and red units that undergo a gradation into lighter shades. The image has many and irregular profiles and depths. It has no definite limits, no beginning or ending, no left or right, top or bottom. This lacking of visual order is enhanced by the fact that the image is presented on top of a wooden platform placed 12cm above the floor level, breaking up with the classical frontal painterly vision and with a unique predominant point of view. The deep layering and density and the constant interplay between empty and full space (negative-positive) gives the composition a threedimensional and at the same time organic quality. Overlapping#6 might vaguely remind of an architectural plan but it is essentially a projected mental space that simultaneously drags you in and out.