Press #2 (Zooming), 2008

Eighty 35 mm color slides
Dimensions variable. Ed. 5 + 1 AP

Press #2 (Zooming) is an eighty 35mm slides projection of various type of photo shots of severely damaged urban spaces. The eighty images were produced by re-photographing 23 wide shot and panoramic press photos from war and natural disasters scenes, with different type of lens, from medium close-ups to extreme close-ups. By doing this the original perspective is broken and attention is focused to details which would otherwise go unnoticed, like parts of urban architecture or debris. In the most extreme close-ups, reference disappears and all that is visible are the small dots from the halftone print.
The sequence of images was mounted so that there is a constant displacement from the macro to the micro, considering the image as a space where we can visually and mentally move among different levels of recognition.