Press #2, 2008

Eighty 35 mm color slides
Dimensions variable. Ed. 3 + 1 AP

Press #2 (Zooming) was made re-photographing 23 press photos of destructed urban spaces. The original photos -mainly panoramic and wide open shots-were photographically deconstructed with the use of macro lens to analize the image so that representation desintegrated and an atomized vision of the image and the medium itself appeared. As we watch the slides sequence we observe a constant zooming in and zooming out movement, as if the image was a space where we could visually and mentally move among different levels of recognition, from a clear identyfiable object to the questioning of what is being seen and at some point, the picture tiniest details, like debris resulted from bombings scattered on the ground, get hardly distinguished from the distinctive halftone print dots from the newspaper.