Protoformas, 2018

Installation of 15 burnt ceramic pieces
Dimensions variable

Protoformas is a group of ceramic pieces produced in Cuenca Ecuador on the occasion of the artist's participation in XIV Bienal de Cuenca entitled "Estructuras Vivientes. El arte como experiencia plural" (Living Structures. Art as a Living Experience), curated by Jesús Fuenmayor. The ethos of the Bienal was to relate each artist's practice with Cuenca's site-specificity. Considering that Cuenca is well-known for preserving Ecuador's cultural heritage and is home to many master craftsmen, in Dauder's case it was the idea to collaborate with a ceramist with a good knowledge of ancient indigenous methods, particularly that of black ceramics, based on a traditional firing technique in which smoke penetrates the clay pores and creates fortuitous patterns. The forms of the elements created although undeterminate, remind of vegetal or animal morphologies, or even domestic tools, but in any case they are imbued with a sense of ancestry.