Sporadic, 2009

Super8 film transferred to 16mm. Black and white. No sound
4 min. 25 sec. Ed. 3 + 1 A.P.

Sporadic shows parts of buildings in the process of construction whose inner structure is open and visible. The film is composed of 31 shots ranging from wide-angle to close-ups. Neither the camera nor the object move, so there is little evidence we are watching film and not photos. The sequence of images is based upon successive zooming ins and zooming outs, so our sight is constantly and gradually entering and exiting the building structure in a rather mechanical rhythm, with an image change every 7 seconds without transitions or fades. Despite this seeming stillness, some sort of motion is created from the steady change of non-correlative fragments, and the viewer is somehow driven to imagine the link between the different images, like in a puzzle with missing pieces. The film becomes a space in where we visually and mentally move.