View #2 (Territory), 2007

Graphite on paper
151 x 218 cm

During 2007, 2008, and 2009 I made a series of drawings that I titled Views, Visions and Overlappings, in which thin lines, soft curves and overlapped color layers weaved structures that reminded me of territories, maps, or spaces seen from above from a long distance. They recreated parts of the physical space in where we move that we can touch, but also the invisible space, from microscopic or telescopic visions, to purely mental spaces. None of the represented images relate to a specific model in reality. Some of the images arose from vague memories, others are variations of formal typologies that are familiar to me. They resemble natural structures in growth, architectural remains, urbanistic plans, topographies or simple spatial distributions. The word vision, refers to the blank, empty image before vision is focused onto something concrete, to the idea of pure vision alone, like a flash of light, without the later urge for formalizing, constructing, composing, or arranging anything. It also refers to an empty film frame in which no image has been exposed. A frame solely containing light and air.